Integrative Family Medicine

At Wellspring Natural Medicine, Dr. James Fialk, ND, L.Ac. serves as a general integrative practitioner for all ages providing holistic personalized care for a wide variety of health concerns from wellness and disease prevention to chronic disease management. He also has a special focus in integrative orthopedics treating acute injury and chronic conditions associated with pain or impaired function.

Integrative Family Medicine

Dr. Fialk’s clinical approach draws from naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine perspectives while also considering conventional standards of care. His spectrum of integrative approaches enables him to identify contributing factors or underlying causes for your condition, making it possible for him to assess and treat your symptoms even if they do not fit into a western medical diagnosis or if you do not tolerate, respond to, or desire conventional medical treatments. 


Dr. Fialk prioritizes taking the time to fully understand your health concerns. The initial appointment includes a 45-60 minute consultation. For established patients, follow up consultations are 30 minutes and involve reviewing labs or imaging findings or discussing modifications to a treatment plan. If acupuncture is also provided the total visit time is extended by 30 minutes. 


Once a patient is established, visits exclusively for acupuncture are 45 minutes and include a brief 5 minute check in prior to the treatment. Visits exclusively for cold laser treatments for established patients are 15 minutes.  

All treatment plans are individualized and comprehensive, yet targeted and efficient. Clinical evidence and risk vs benefits are always considered and discussed. Depending upon your circumstances, naturopathic and/or traditional Chinese medicine therapies may be used alone as treatment, or alongside conventional treatments to improve effect or prevent/reduce unwanted adverse effects. When appropriate, Dr. Fialk makes use of standard pharmaceutical medications, however, he prioritizes the use of effective natural interventions first. 


Personalized recommendations and treatments may include one or a combination of the following:


Telemedicine consultations are available for those unable to travel to the office of Wellspring natural medicine. 

Dr. Fialk collaborates with all involved in your care to ensure your health needs are met. When it is in your best interest, Dr. Fialk can refer you to a medical specialist (ie. cardiologist, hematologist, gastroenterologist, etc.) for evaluation and/or treatment.

"Our task is not to treat the disease, but the patient" 
-Vincent Preissnitz