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IV Vitamin &
Nutrient Therapy

Benefits of IV therapy

When vitamins and nutrients are administered intravenously, they infuse directly into the blood stream bypassing the GI tract and processing by liver. This allows for higher levels of these substances to circulate and nourish the cells, tissues and organs throughout the body.


Prior to receiving IV treatments, Dr. Fialk will consult with you to determine if IV therapy is appropriate for you and customize your vitamin & nutrient formula, recommend a treatment plan, and refer you to a local clinic. 

Common Reasons to Receive IV therapy:  
  • Replenish Hydration
  • Correct Vitamin, Mineral, and Nutrient Deficiencies​
  • Improve Energy
  • Boost Metabolism 
  • Strengthen Immune System​
  • Support Detoxification 
  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Support Optimal Athletic Performance
  • Support Tissue Healing and Recovery 

"Health is more than just the absence of disease; it is a vital dynamic state which enables a person to adapt to, and thrive in a wide range of environments."
- Iva Lloyd, ND
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