Fee Schedule

Discounted Time of Service Fee Schedule

New Patient Visit, Naturopathic/Integrative medicine: $300 
-For clients interested in naturopathic assessment & care. 
-Includes same day acupuncture treatment 
New Patient Visit, Acupuncture: $200
-For clients only interested in acupuncture and other in-office treatments 
-Includes same day acupuncture treatment

Follow up Visit: $150
-Lab or Imaging Review, Discussing or modifying a treatment plan 
-Includes same day acupuncture treatment 


*Telemedicine & Virtual visit fee’s are the same as above

Acupuncture treatment: $85-$110
$85 for acupuncture alone
+$25 for soft tissue work (ie. Thera gun, Tui-na, Cupping, Gua sha, Activator joint mobilization)


Cold Laser Treatment: $35 
Trigger Point Injection: $50 
Neural Therapy: $50 

B12 shots: $20

IV treatments: Price varies upon formulation of nutrients used.  
Base price for 250 mL vitamin/nutrient hydration bag is $150
Upon consultation, Dr. Fialk will customize your formula to individually suit your needs
Single nutrient add-on: + $10/mL
Vitamin or nutrient blend add-on: + $15/ mL  (ie. B-complex, Mineral & Amino blend)
Glutathione Push: $75
Additional cost when above 1000mg dosage.