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Dr. Fialk's approach in treating acute injury or chronic conditions associated with pain and/or impaired musculoskeletal function involves an assessment that includes a health history, physical exam, and review of medical records if needed.


In-office treatments to decrease pain and improve musculoskeletal and nerve function may include:


  • Acupuncture (with or without electrical stimulation)

  • Percussive massage therapy (ie Theragun)

  • Tui-na (Chinese soft tissue and myofascial release)

  • Cold Laser

  • Cupping

  • Gua-sha

  • Joint Mobilization (ie adjustments using Activator method) 

  • Kinesio-taping

  • Trigger point injections

While 1-5 treatments can sometimes resolve an acute condition, a longer series of treatments may needed for chronic problems.

Dr. Fialk collaborates with all involved in your care to ensure your health needs are met. When it is in your best interest, Dr. Fialk can refer you to another practitioner (ie. massage therapist, chiropractor,  etc.) for evaluation and treatment.

Integrative Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

"Our task is not to treat the disease, but the patient" 
-Vincent Preissnitz
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